Hand Loading (Reloading) Courses

If you, or members of your club, would like to learn how to hand load, I can run a one day course for you to teach the basics and get you going, safely. There are many books out there that cover the subject but a lot of people prefer being shown how it’s done and getting practical experience to get them started.

We start around 08:30 and cover the theory for four hours (with breaks) until lunchtime. After lunch we split into groups to load some fired cases and, if we have access to a range, test fire them over a chronograph to measure the velocity and record the results. Each participant gets a printed handout that contains the theory and has space for notes. I normally use the .308″ Winchester (7.62mm NATO) cartridge as it is very popular.

It costs from £200. I can provide all the material and the components. I’m prepared to travel to your club to deliver the course and my travel costs will be extra. The number of people I can present the theory to is only limited by the size of the venue but when it comes to the practical part I want one supervisor to look after five participants. Supervisors can be club members who have a decent amount of hand loading experience. If there are no suitable club members I can supply instructors to help.

Hand loading can provide an interesting extra dimension to the sport. It can save you money and give you better group sizes when tailored to your rifle but it needs to be done responsibly and safely. By getting trained properly you are doing your bit to improve the safety record for you and those around you.

November 2019 update – these are gaining in popularity. I’ve recently run a course for a club and two courses for individuals. The feedback was very good and I would be happy to provide references if needed.

Please contact me to discuss just what you need. david@crispinengineering.co.uk