Scope stands

Update – March 2024 I’m working on a new batch that should be ready in April.

Here is my scope stand. I decided I wanted something much lighter than my current stand for touring. It had to fit my range bag as carrying a fully assembled scope and stand around is cumbersome. The legs fold up alongside the pole, the head can be adjusted in two planes and tightened with just one ‘T’ handle. It comes with an extra pole, 50cm long. There is a shorter 38cm pole option for those that want the most compact setup for their range bag. The first one weighed in at 975 grams and I’m pretty happy with that. They are anodised in different colours. The price is £225 which includes an extra pole so that you can use it sitting in a chair for coaching. There is an optional quick release mount for £10 that allows you to remove the scope from the stand for storage and transport.

I had a customer request to make a head assembly with a 40mm spacer in it to offset the scope mount a bit further from the pole (offset head picture at the end below). The offset spacer is £10.

Another request resulted in the Wimbledon Park modification (red stand below). The targets have to be mounted horizontally so there is more sideways movement between centres than normal. The customer wanted to be able to move the scope sideways by repositioning a leg without having to reach forward. A piece of stainless round rod, a model boat propshaft universal joint and a 155gn 30 calibre bullet seem to do the job.

I can now add engraving to the legs for £30. A new (May 2019) addition is the option of a T handle (or t’handle if you’re from Yorkshire) £10. If you want something individual I can make adapters to enable you to fit custom car gear shifter knobs.

Black & Gold


With Kowa TSN-1 mounted

Engraving on leg

Engraving on leg

Wimbledon Park modification

Wimbledon Park modification

Wimbledon Park modification

Wimbledon Park modification

Blue with optional quick release mount

Blue (folded) with optional quick release mount

A few colours

Offset Head

T Handle (available)

Skull top (custom job)

Cylinder top (custom job)