SMT Solo

Silver Mountain Targets Solo. Available in the UK for £849.

Complete Solo mounted on a target frame

A fourth generation personal e-target system that is portable and affordable. It can be used up to 1000 yards away and gives you immediate feedback on the screen of (almost) any device that supports WiFi and a web browser. A range of target faces can be downloaded to suit the discipline you shoot. It weighs 2.2kg and is battery powered.

Four sensor assemblies attach to the corners of your target frame. Each assembly contains two sensors that detect a supersonic bullet as it passes. The front four sensors form one plane and the rear sensors the other. This enables bullet velocity readings to be obtained from four virtual chronographs and averaged. A temperature sensor provides readings to give accurate local speed of sound calculations for the placement of shots. You can now network up to five targets together with a S7 server for clubs that want to run shoots or competitions and get all the scores together and change target faces/distances from one central place.

What you get

Contents of the box

SOLO comes with everything needed to start shooting.

4 sensor mounting plate
4 sensor arrays (8 sensors total)
​4 colour coded sensor cables
T-SOLO Target-Line measurement unit
F-SOLO Firing Line WiFi access point
Two rechargeable battery packs
Quick start pictorial guides to get you up and running quickly

You supply:

the target frame
a WIFI capable display device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
bullets on target

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