Barrel fitting

The barrel is the most important part of a precision rifle. We specialise in fitting top quality match barrels. We stock barrels from Phoenix, Pendragon and Lilja. New barrels fitted and proofed from £815.

Why would you trust me to fit a new barrel for you?

There are many barrel fitters around so how do you know that I will do a better job than them. I was shown how to fit a barrel by John Knight (for which I am eternally grateful). He had many years experience and did work for some of the highest level marksmen in Target Rifle, Match Rifle and F Class. There are lots of You Tube videos out there showing how different people do it but to be shown first hand, by someone who had tried different methods over the years and settled on what he thought was the best way was invaluable. This gave me the best start possible and some of my work has won two international Grand Aggregates (2015, 2017), the Governor General’s 2017, the State Presidents Prize 2017 and the Hopton in 2019 and 2020. I check all of my work with a bore scope to make sure the chamber is in pristine condition before it is finally fitted to the action. I have a really good understanding of the dimensions required to give the best performance and can set the jump to whatever distance you would like. I’ll do a very good job for you.

Current Barrel Stock List

Some of the actions I have fitted barrels to are Swing, Paramount, RPA, Millenium, Grunig & Elmiger, Sportco, Remington 700, Barnard, Steyr, Musgrave, Keppler, Mossberg MVP, Tikka, Sako, Howa, Enfield No.4, Anschutz, Bleiker, Ultimatum Precision and Accuracy International.

Here are some links to some re-barrelling jobs I’ve done.

Steyr HS 460

Mossberg MVP

I wrote an article for the Autumn 2015 NRA Journal about The Best Barrels. Click here for a copy.