A large proportion of our work is fitting new barrels. We have chamber reamers for the popular cartridges and will order reamers for those that we don’t have. Popular cut rifled barrels from Krieger and Bartlein are kept in stock and we can fit these within a few days. Getting them proofed can take a little while longer but we average about one trip per month to the proof house. We get button rifled barrels from Sassen Engineering (Border) and Lothar Walther which are less expensive than the cut rifled barrels.

If you would like some help choosing the most suitable barrel please call us or you can read the article I wrote for the NRA Journal, The Best Barrels.

To give you the very best performance with a particular bullet we can cut the throat/leade of the chamber to give just the right amount of jump/freebore. 25 thousandths of an inch is a good place to start with bullet jump. You can fine tune this by changing the bullet seating depth in the case.


If you have a .22″ rimfire rifle with a bore that is worn, rusted, damaged etc. I can fit a new rifled sleeve/liner to it. The process involves drilling a 8mm (0.315″) hole all the way through, fitting the liner and then re-crowning the muzzle and cutting a new chamber. This is a great way to restore precision to a rifle that you enjoy owning but doesn’t currently perform to the standard that you would like.