Silver Mountain Targets

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Silver Mountain Electronic Targets are now available in the UK from Crispin Engineering. It is a complete target system in a box and is very portable. Within fifteen minutes you can have the target up and running after fixing the microphones to the four corners and connecting the cabling. It uses standard WiFi protocol to connect to a repeater box on the firing point that acts as a local WiFi access point. For a display screen you can use any device that has WiFi and a web browser, so a laptop, tablet and smartphone can all be used. Not only can you see how you are doing on your target but others can connect and watch you shooting on their devices. For multiple target installations there is an optional server that receives the shot data from all the targets and collates it to produce competition results. A range officer can run all the targets in competition mode and deal with any issues that arise. Like cross shots for instance. Not that I’ve ever cross shot but I understand that it can happen. The software can handle one, two or three shooters per target each firing in turn.

Here is the target system with it’s sturdy carrying case.

G2 Target System

G2 Target System

Here is the system fixed to a NRA UK short range target


The target controller is nice and compact


Here is a screen shot showing your target and the shot positions of two targets either side giving you the same sort of view that you get through your spotting scope so you can keep an eye on what is happening to the opposition.


You don’t have to shoot at round black and white targets. We can program almost anything within reason.

DJV Running Boar

DJV Running Boar

A complete system for one target starts at £3780. We can do a demonstration at your local range.